At Whispering Equine, we offer life enhancing sessions for people of all ages and walks of life. Time and time again we are inspired by the changes we witness in people after connecting with our perceptive partners and wise teachers - the horses.

Horses change lives. When a person partners with a horse, it can provide so many wonderful experiences for the individual. Time spent within that partnership can allow for emotional and physical healing, an improved sense of confidence, self esteem, personal awareness and an overall feeling of self-empowerment. It can also provide a space and the time for a tired soul to step back, relax and enjoy the simpler things in life.  For some people, they find it hard to grasp the words to describe the amazing feelings and sensations they experience from spending time with horses. For others they describe it as pure joy and a sense of peace and tranquility for their mind and body. No matter how it is described, one thing is for sure....they all started to enjoy their true inner self and an authentic relationship!

Come visit us at Whispering Equine and let our  human and equine teachers guide you in that next part of the journey you call life!