Do you want to learn more than just how to ride a horse? Are you new to the world of horses or just looking for a new approach to reconnect with and care for a horse?, then our Introduction to Horses program may be for you!

A main focus at Whispering Equine is to help introduce or connect people with horses in a different way other than through just traditional horsemanship or riding lessons. We believe there is a need to give horses a voice, so to speak, as we see them as sentient beings that have so much to offer humans.  Horses are more than  just a "tool" or "vehicle" for work or pleasure. Through relationship based horsemanship, getting to know and connect with a horse from the ground up, in an environment filled with respect and trust is key to people and horses having safe and fulfilling relationships/partnerships/ interactions.  

Below are a few of the topics that can be covered during these non-mounted sessions in this type of program:

  • Horse anatomy
  • Breed and Color identification
  • Horse care
  • Haltering 
  • Grooming
  • Safe handling and leading of a horse
  • Saddle and Tack Identification
  • Tacking Up 
  • Herd dynamic analysis and how it can help us
  • Body language/nonverbal communication
  • Animal communication using a pendulum and muscle testing
  • Natural horsemanship work
  • Liberty work

At Whispering Equine one of our goals is to introduce a new way of understanding and interacting with horses, to as many people as we can. Through the work done in these sessions, individuals are able to do a lot of self reflection and personal growth work while developing "horse sense" and creating a connection with a beautiful and powerful animal. Improved self awareness, confidence, communication and trust are just a few of the aspects that an individual may experience while participating in a program like this.

Programs are mainly done individually but can be done in small groups and are available for people from the age of 8 and up.

Note: If you have your own horse and would like to partner with them during this type of session, we can discuss this option as well.