Energy Healing Sessions

(Including Reiki and other vibrational remedies)

Reiki can help maintain your horse’s health, increase the rate of healing for illness and injuries, and even ease the transition between life and death. If a horse's energy is blocked or out of balance in anyway, signs of stress may appear. Some of the more common signs that may show up are anxiety, lack of or too much energy, pain, injury and behavioral problems. If your horse is displaying any of these symptoms or other negative symptoms, or you just feel that they could use a energy tune up so to speak, then please contact us about an “energy healing” session for your horse.

***Horses can often reflect or take on the symptoms of stress seen in their owner. Reiki will help those animals, but to fully clear those issues, it would be beneficial to have the owner treated with a session of Reiki as well. We offer special sessions of Reiki that include time for both the horse and the owner/rider.

Note: Energy healing sessions are not limited to horses. We also offer healing sessions to family pets, other farm animals and wild animals. Sessions can be done hands on, hands off or from a distance.

Session Length:

Introductory Session is 1.5hrs, follow up treatments can be either 0.5hr or 1hr sessions.

What is Reiki?