Along with offering private sessions, Whispering Equine has been offering its Equine Facilitated Learning program experiences to various surrounding school and youth groups, corporate groups, senior groups and even family groups. Each program is created around the needs and goals of the group members attending. Topics in the programs can include aspects such as  self awareness, communication, boundaries, leadership, caring for self and others etc. Organizers of the group are sent an intake form to fill out to help with the planning process for their group's experience. There will be combination of "classroom time" and "horse time" in all of the group experiences, as it helps bridge the work we are doing with the horses with their own personal or professional lives.

School or Youth Group Sessions:

The school/youth multi-day program is set up to have a maximum of 6 students at a time. (This helps with the potentially intimate nature of the work being done and shared between group members. It is also to help manage the people and horses well when in the group environment. We run the program with a ratio of 1student:1horse:1volunteer) During this 6 week program, participants come once a week for 3 hours. The life-enhancing program offers sessions that include classroom learning time and experiential activities with horses. Sessions will focus on developing participants' self awareness and confidence, to be able to improve the relationships in their lives and feel empowered. This can be done through working on improving their communication, problem solving, leadership, stress management and self care skills, all which may be included in the program experiences in the classroom and with their partnering horseses.

Youth or Adult Group Workshops:

In this 1 or 2-day experience, participants will have an opportunity to partner with a horse and learn more about themselves and build confidence, through the classroom and unmounted reflective experiential activity time directly with the horses. Themes around boundaries, communication and problem solving can be included in the planned activities. (Maximum 6 participants /workshop). Whispering Equine offers specific group workshop activies that can be found under the Workshop  link above, but will also create a workshop specific to any group that is interested in private experience for their members.

Family Workshop:

During this unique parent-child group experience, participants will have an opportunity to work together to improve their communication and develop compassion for one another, during the classroom and experiential activity time with their partnering horse. (Maximum 6 parent & child pairs/per day experience. Private parent/child experiences can be arranged separately.)

Senior Group Horse Visits:

Over the last few years, Whispering Equine has welcomed various groups of seniors from surrounding senior homes and retirement centers to come share time visiting in person with our horses. When the group arrives, they get to meet the horses and learn more about each one over the fence while they are in the arena. Then once everyone is settled we will bring each horse out to a partnering senior waiting for them in the barn to feed, pet and groom them if they are interested. Many special moments have been shared by the group members while with the horses, as spending time with them here often brings back many great memories from early years in their lives when they had horses of their own or got to spend time with them at somepoint. Note: Seniors in wheelchairs are welcomed as well. 

Please email Carrie at, , with your interest in a Group experience and for prices.