Equine Teachers

Flash (Rex Bar None)
Born: May 13th, 2003

Flash is one of the original teachers at Whispering Equine. He is native to Montana and came to Canada in 2007. He is a handsome Paint horse that has been seen “teaching” many people even before the business started! Flash is one of three horses that were the inspiration for starting Whispering Equine. He is a very confident horse that is here to help people not only learn about horses but to see the benefit of creating a relationship with one, no matter what the age of the person is. He has been seen nuzzling infants, embracing struggling women and playing with the most toughest of men. We really feel grateful to have Flash in our lives and the program.

Whisky (Gayla Palo)
Born: April 14th, 2005

Whisky is a stunning Palomino Quarter Horse from Alberta. We searched high and low for a horse like Whisky and finally found him in 2010. What we found in Whisky was a knowledgeable and experienced horse with the will and patience to teach and work with nervous and people new to horses. He has been teaching and connecting with kids and adults for the last couple of years and is one of the horses that would rather spend time with people then be in his herd! He is the third of the three horses that inspired Whispering Equine to be started. We really value having him in our program and are so grateful he is here to help us out!

Born: April 8th, 2003

Parker is a lovely blue roan Quarter Horse/Morgan cross from Alberta and is our herd leader. He is a gentle leader and stepped into his role naturally and with no problem. Parker is the newest member of our team and is an excellent teacher due to many of his unfortunate past experiences. Parker came to us as a disconnected horse, so to speak. He is one of the best horses for teaching about boundaries and personal awareness, as he is very clear on his feelings and thoughts about situations and how people are projecting their intentions. We feel Parker was abused and forced into many situations in his past that he was not comfortable with, and that he ended up just going along with it to avoid conflict and abuse. When he arrived he had back problems, shoulder problems and was aloof. After some time we figured out that he was holding all of his tensions from the past experiences in his body which ended up causing his shoulder blades to be pulled out of place and some  really tight and sensitive back muscles. After some energy, massage and chiropractic work, Parker has been physically put back together, but his emotional issues are still being worked through. He did not fully trust people when he first came but slowly he is showing that he is becoming more comfortable with letting his guard down and is okay with being looked after and cared for. He truly is a pleasure to work with and we are fortunate that he made his way to us.

Wilma (Potential to Flirt)
Born: May 7th, 2005

Wilma is a beautiful and very feminine bay Quarter Horse mare from Alberta. We initially became aware of Wilma when she was suggested to be used as the surrogate mother for Holly’s baby (Bam Bam). She was an excellent mom and has one of the best temperaments you could ask for in a horse. She is one of the kindest and most genuine horses we have come across. After Bam Bam was moved to the trainer’s home, Wilma was going to be returned to her owner that lent her to us. Upon looking into returning her, the owner let us know that she would no longer have a place for her in her breeding and showing program, and that she would probably just be “shipped”. We were horrified at that thought and offered to buy her right away. Since then Wilma has been with us at Whispering Equine, as a teacher for people that have never been around horses or are nervous of horses, as she is so gentle and nurturing. Unfortunately at some point in Wilma’s past she became very sensitive due to some negative experiences she had gone through in her training, so she just works with people on the ground at this point. It is our hope that one day we can enjoy riding with her once again.

Diva (Classy Maxie)
Born: May 23rd, 1999

Diva made her way to us in March of 2009 from Missouri. She was in foal and due in April. She arrived on a freezing cold night and she looked very sad. We will never forget her big dark eyes when we met her for the first time. She was underweight and all her nutrients and energy were going to her foal. She delivered a stunning buckskin filly in April. The filly now belongs to a friend and we still get to see her. Since that time Diva has turned into a fantastic riding horse. She has a very calm and laid back personality and she is a very wise horse. She also loves to get attention from people whenever she can. Her velvety black coat and long mane and tail all add to the beauty of this Tennessee Walking horse. We can’t wait to see who she works with and inspires next.

Holly (Holiday Jazz)
Born: June 21st, 2001

Holly came to Canada and to meet her new family in December of 2006 from Tennessee. She is a beautiful sorrel Tennessee Walking horse. She was in foal for the first time and delivered a healthy colt in the following May. She was a very good mom and her baby was beautiful so we decided to breed her again. Unfortunately, she lost that baby when she was very close to her due date. We bred her again and decided to let a surrogate mom carry her baby. The surrogate mom was Wilma. Holly is now part of our program at Whispering Equine. She has an amazing personality and loves people. She is usually the first one to come and say hello when a person meets the herd. She is very “girly” and loves attention. Everyone who meets Holly seems to fall in love with her and she is a wonderful addition to the program!

Bam Bam
Bam Bam (Taiho)
Born: June 16th, 2012

Bam Bam is Holly’s little boy (carried by Wilma). He is a beautiful sorrel Tennessee Walking horse, who was born near Cochrane, Ab. He is maturing into a beautiful and kind soul, just like his brother Buddy was. He is a kind and willing horse, who never stops trying for his human partners. He is a very social horse with people and other animals, which allows for much entertainment around here, when he is involved. We are happy to have him as a part of our equine team and look forward to many more experiences with him!

Playboy (Gayla Blond Playboy)
Born: May 17th, 2010

Playboy is his name and playing is his game! Playboy is a beautiful Palomino Quarter Horse and is a full brother of Whisky. He came to us in the spring of 2013 and has brought many days of laughter and pleasure to us all. His youthful presence is a blessing in our herd and is definitely entertaining. Playboy is a very confident horse, especially for his age. This confidence is a great teaching tool for many because if you don’t set boundaries right away with him, you will be followed around with a horse in your pocket! He is a big love and we look forward to working with him for many years to come. He definitely has a lot to teach people about the lighter side and more enjoyable things in life!

Kate (Gin's Royal Princess)
Born: April 28th, 2011

Kate has been with us since she was born here, near Cochrane, Ab. She is a Tennessee Walking horse as well, who has formally joined our program as an equine guide and teacher. Kate is a very  beautiful roan colored horse with a big blaze and white stockings on her legs. She is doing very well in her new position and is very purposeful with whom she partners with. It is always interesting to see who Kate chooses to partner with and the outcomes that present themselves during their time together. We look forward to many more wonderful experiences with this big beautiful girl!

John (Cash On JFK)
Born: May 15th, 2010

John is another new addition to the healing herd here and is another BIG love. Not only is he our tallest horse at the moment, but he has one of the biggest hearts around. He is a VERY sweet horse, who loves his time with people. He is a senstive soul as well, who really does value any love he receives back from his time with his human partners. He is a Tennesse Walking horse who was born in Tennesse but came to us from Hartselle, Alabama. John is a very well rounded horse in training and in life experience. In his previous life, he participated in many shows and was trail ridden around the southern states. He is just happy to be with his people and seems to be loving life at the moment. We are happy to have him as a part of our program team and look forward to many more experiences with him!

Born: April 6th, 2011

Joe is a Clydesdale gelding and is a big gentle giant. Eventhough he is our biggest horse at the moment, he is possibly the kindest soul we have here in our herd as well. Joe is one of the first horses to meet you at the gate when someone goes out to visit the herd and is definitely a "people horse"! We are so happy that he found his way to us and has been a blessing to our program since he started with us in 2018.

Shaker (I Shake It)
Born: February 11th, 2011

Shaker is one of our new additions to the healing herd of horses here at Whispering Equine. He is bay paint in color and he is a Kentucky Natural Gaited/Tennessee Walking Horse in breed. He was born in Poplar Grove, Kentucky but came to us from Mount Vernon, Kentucky. He is a very sweet natured horse who is naturally making his way into program. In his previous life, he was shown by kids in weekend shows, and so is very interested when little ones come to visit him.  We are happy to have Shaker as a part of our program and look forward to seeing what he has to share with us!

Jay (J. Boulder)

We would like to thank the big hearted Jay for all of his love, patience and healing that he provided so many people in just the short time he was here and with us. Not only was he large in size, but his heart matched it. Jay gave a 100% of himself all of the time. He was a master healer and soul...and he will be missed by all that knew and loved him...but never forgotten!

Jay, (born Jan 24, 2006-Dec 24, 2016) was a majestic Spotted Draft horse from Pennsylvania. He made his way into our lives in the fall of 2009. No matter where Jay goes, people are just drawn to him because of his size, color and gentle personality. Jay was also one of the horses that inspired us to create Whispering Equine. He came to us as a very aloof horse and over the years had become one of the key members of the team. His intelligence, patience and forgiveness have all allowed for a lot of learning and growth in people. Jay drew people from the age of 6 to 95 to him. There is a lot to be said and felt when you connect with a 17.1H, 2100 lbs being! We feel lucky that he was a part of our program.

Deacon (Deacon's Mingo)

We would like to thank Deacon for all that he gave to our program and the people he partnered with. He was a special boy who enjoyed quality time with "his people" and equine companions. He was a very sensitive and loving soul who truly would try anything for his human partner. You will be missed by all those who loved you Deacon, but never forgotten!

Deacon came up to Canada to meet us in February of 2007 from Tennessee (born April 19, 2004-July 31, 2017). He was a beautiful Spotted Tennessee Walking horse. Deacon was a very curious horse and very much a mischievous boy. He got along well with all the other horses and was always willing to meet new people who came out to visit the herd. Deacon was a very kind and good natured gelding. He tried very hard to do what you were asking of him, which made him a great teacher in the program. 

Buddy (Jose's Buddy Holly)

We would like to thank Buddy for all the love he shared with the people he greeted and shared time with while visiting Whispering Equine. He was a kind and loving soul, who will never be forgotten by those who loved him. Thank you Buddy for being one of the amazing equine guides and teachers...you will be missed but not forgotten. 

Buddy was Holly’s first born (May 26, 2007-Feb 8, 2018), who was delivered up by Edmonton, Ab. He was sent to California when he was 17 months old and had been a show horse since. He had been very successful in his show career- winning all the California and Nevada shows and then becoming 4th in the world as a two year old at the “Celebration” in Tennessee.