Intuitive Insight Sessions for Horses

Intuitive Insight sessions for horses (and other animals)  are offered as a way to give them a voice and to ideally improve their life by sharing knowledge and information with their owners/care givers, as well as the relationship they have with them. 

During these conscious conversations, Carrie will share any information she recieves from or about your horse/animal regarding questions you may have about them or just items in general. If you have any specific questions, it is beneficial to send them ahead of time, so that Carrie can look into them further during the "prep time" before she meets with you in your session.

These sessions can be offered in person or from a distance, virtually. 

Session Length: 2 hrs (one hour of prep time and one hour with the client)

Please email Carrie at, , with your interest in an Intuitive Insight session for your horse/animal and for prices. 

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What is Intuitive Insight?